Collection: Yoroi Kabuto (armor)

Chikaraishi's Yoroi Kabuto (armor) featuring a national treasure

Armors from Heian, Kamakura, and Nanbokucho period designated as national treasure were made using special colors and metals so that everyone can tell the one wearing the armor was a general.

People chose exquisite armor to wish children happiness, health, and success as leaders.

Characteristics of Chikaraishi's Yoroi Kabuto (armor)

1.Beautifully-balanced whole form

Our dolls look beautiful from every angle as the forms are well-balanced.


2.Vibrant eyes

Generals in Heian, Kamakura, and Nanbokucho loved vibrant eyes.


The color features the "sun," the origin of all living creatures. This color has often been used at shrines and celebrations. Some exist as national armors and displayed at many places.

Sun, Courage, Love


Innocence. This color is perfect for Boy's Festival as it implies leading a life with an innocent mind and a strong mind pursuing one's will.

 Innocence, Justice, Peace



This color features the energy to fly in the clear sky freely and a broad mind. Japanese people have traditionally appreciated this color.

Trust, Intelligence, Freedom


Lighter than Ai-iro and darker than Asagi-iro. It features the deep vast ocean. This deep beautiful blue represents an open mind and it still appeals to Japanese people.

Vastness, Trust, Fairness


This is the darkest color among blue colors and has often been used for male garments since the late Heian period. This color would never be affected by other colors and it represents strong belief and pride.

Stateliness, Calmness, Wisdom


Moegi is the color of buds of plants and represents strong vitality. Young warriors preferred to use this color for their first battle.

Hope, Spring, Nature


This is the color of dawn changing from dark to blight by morning lights. This represents the beginning and is considered auspicious.

Transformation, Reborn, Revival


The color is featuring shobu (sweet flag). As shobu is an excellent medical herb, this color is considered to scare away evil spirits. Also, the same Japanese pronunciation "shobu" could mean "thinking much of martial arts," so this color was very popular among samurai warriors.

Elegance, Noble, Art


3.Fine and beautiful metal

All the metals of Chikaraishi's armors are created from the prototype by Chikaraishi. All the metals including studs are finished with 24K gold.

Kikushikami kuwagata-dai

Using beautiful openwork, Chikaraichi created a lion-face Kuwagata-dai with the patterns of chrysanthemum.

Hachimanza (Kanyadori)

The metal to decorate the hole on top of the helmet. It is considered as the place where Hachiman god resides. Beautiful four metal layers of Daiza, Kikuza, Kokizami, and Joudama.

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